Wrestling against the ‘fierce heat of The Sun’, the team of Moxx Music set out to shoot the video of “Duma Dum Mast Kalandar”

Flourished in scorching heat “Duma Dam Mast Qalandar”   

Duma Dam Mast Qalandar -Ali Da Pehla Number”, one of the previous presentation by Moxx Music but this time with a new flavour of music, with new voice and lyrics. This time, the dynamic duo of “Raj Mahajan and Sachin Dev Mika (SDM) has made ‘Duma Dam Mast Qalandar’ in totally unique flavour. With two songs from the same company entering into the market, it is being said that the level of competition will certainly reach a new dimension of challenge. This time, the level of Duma Dam Mast Qalandar seems to be breaking all the previous records, it is sung by Sachin Dev Mika (SDM) and made hot-happening by the rapping talent of ‘Bob Rhymes’. Even before, Bob Rhymes has made headlines by his rapping in Damadam Mast Kalandar. This time too, the rap will be in his voice but with whole new lyrics. The audio of the same has already made its mark on the market. The fact that the music industry is enriched with the immense creativity and talent could be easily felt through ‘Damadam’ song.

In the Music Industry, Damadam Mast Kalandar has been released in the voices of many different singers. But this time, a new Duma Dam clad in some brilliant variations has come out. Almost all the big names of Music World have sung Damadam and won over the hearts of the millions. In the sweet voice of Miss Chetna, Moxx Music has also presented a new version of  Damadam. Now it is time to carry out a new experiment. The version sang by Sachin Dev Mika has already impressed the music lovers and due to popular demand, its video is also soon going to be out in the market which was recently shot at various high-profile locations all over Delhi. Raj Mahajan and Moxx Music have always tried to provide the audience with the best work possible, as it is only the audience which finally makes a ‘good work’ into ‘popular masterpiece’. More of good work is provided to them, more will be their thirst and eagerness and for the same, Raj Mahajan who considers his audience above everything has once again brought ‘Duma Dam’ but in a new avatar. This video made on the life of a Gangster will directly appeal to your heart and soul. In an enjoyable voice, accompanied with its new concept, it can be said that you will definitely like it.”

Video director Dev who shot the video in intense heat had something else to say, reminiscing one particular incident he says, “We were shooting a fighting scene in which Zoravar had to throw a shower of kick-punches at Mika and at the time people thought that a real fight had broken out between the two and others had to interfere to stop the fight. It was very difficult to shoot this scene but finally, it came out wonderfully. Everyone did really well. The first time actor Mika (a singer otherwise) did great work and each scene seemed real.”

“Shot in the immense heat and temperature of the day time, every artist has given his best to the video shoot. You will like Duma Dam more as the first time, you will be seeing Sachin Dev Mika living the life of a Gangster.  You can also call this as his debut in the acting world. Although you have already seen SDM in “Sahi Pakde Hain”. SDM has been complimented by rapper Bob Rhymes and the video has been made lively by the hearty performance of Ashwini Mohan a.k.a Zoravar Singh who will be seen giving a brilliant and radiant outlook to the video. You have all seen Ashwini a.k.a Zoravar Singh in the famous Bollywood movies like Hamara Dil Apke Pas Hai, Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai, and Fitoor etc. His excellent role in “Inquilab” is still imprinted on the memory lanes of the audience. Not just that, other than Films he has shown the brilliance of his acting skills in many music videos also. In context to his experience with Duma Dam, Ashwini Mohan (Zorawar Singh) says, “Although I am a ‘textile photographer’ but due to the influence of my interest and hobbies I was fascinated by this line of work and have already tasted success working for a considerable amount of time. I have enacted all kinds of roles but in Duma Dam it was for the first time when I got the chance to play a Gangster. I had the most pleasure and fun while shooting the fighting scenes for the video. It took a lot of efforts, hence, I have been eagerly waiting for its worldwide release. Here the one thing I would like to say about Mr. Raj is that he always promotes and encourages new talent which is something already known to everyone in the industry, and thanks to that I felt like I had been made anew. ‘Thank you’ Raj ji, you gave me a chance to collaborate and work with Moxx Music and on a project like Duma Dam.”

While the rapper Bob Rhymes says, “This song has a very good story. I felt grateful being part of this video. Although I did rap but at the same time played a role too which was actually quite crucial to the plot of the story.” Always giving priority to creativity, Raj Mahajan says, “If we want to do something new then we have to always think with our hearts instead of  brains.” This time, you will find something similar to that in this song. Everyone has worked very hard and we eagerly await its release”.
Imbued with a stroke of some grey shades this song illustrates the evil of our society, but in a positive way. It is important to eliminate evil from the society but in a thoughtful manner. 

Megha Verma (Creative Head-Moxx Music) also believes the same and expressed, “Yes! It is imperative to showcase the vile and evil of our man-made society, not in a disgraceful and spiteful manner but a more composed and conscious approach should be taken. We have tried the same with Duma Dam. We all have worked to our best potential. The whole team of Moxx Music deserves appreciation, finishing their task even against the scorching heat and unfriendly conditions. Although how much of our efforts will be liked by the audience will be very interesting to observe.”

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